Yarn Art


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    Publish Date:20180828

    Weave some boho-chic into your room’s décor!

    Using the custom frames, create 3 ready-to-hang works of art using 3 types of colorful yarn. Add fringe, felt, sequins, pom-poms, and beads to make each masterpiece your own. This kit will have you “yarn-ing” to make more!

    Comes With: 3 custom frames, plastic needle, 15 yards (13.7 m) of cotton string, 9.8 yards (8.9 m) of acrylic yarn in 3 colors, 8 yards (7.8m) of chenille yarn in 3 colors, 1.5 g roving, 9 pom-poms, 21 sequins, 6 beads, felt shapes

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