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Publish Date:20130901

Brilliant colors. Foolproof shapes. Total artistic satisfaction.

At Klutz, we know that creating art is a wonderful thing. We also know that creating art can be intimidating. Really. We totally know. That’s why we love stencil art. It’s just like regular art — only easier, more fun, cooler, more colorful, and (it’s worth repeating) easier.

Stencil Art comes with an eight-color, pigment-ink pad and eight beautifully color-coordinated foam-tipped dabbers. Dabbing da Vincis squish the foam tip on the ink pad and then dab-dab-dab vibrant color on their paper. Super simple. To give the color form, we’ve included plastic stencil sheets that can be used to make a bunch of kid-friendly designs (everything from ladybugs to aliens). Also included is a special sheet of abstract stencils that go together to make any shape.

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