Loop Loom Bracelets


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    Publish Date:20140901

    There’s a new Klutz classic looming!

    With all the excitement surrounding homemade rubber band bracelets, we figured it was the perfect time to introduce a next-generation version of this super-cool craft in an all-new, way-too-cool color palette. Our exclusive one-handed loom makes bracelets from a continuous piece of stretchy cord — so there’s no chance of a rubber band breaking and the whole bracelet unraveling. Frustration-free results every time!

    Using 7 colors of cord and 7 colors of beads, kids customize 11 different styles to create bracelets that are uniquely their own. What’s your bracelet maker’s style: Brilliant with beads and popping with neon? Or understated sophistication in teal and white?

    Our kid-tested instructions teach a basic looping technique that’s simple to learn. And like the bracelets, our packaging format is stackable (and easy to wrap, too). Simple to make, fun to wear, and awesomely designed — once kids try Loop Loom Bracelets we know they’ll be hooked.

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