Klutz: Sew Your Own Donut Animals


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    Publish Date:20200128

    Sew up a half dozen super sweet donuts full of adorable animal personality! The kit comes with everything you need (even a donut box!) to whip up adorable felt plushies. The crystal-clear instructions go through all the steps — from threading a needle and practicing stitches to adding fancy toppings and decorations — so when you finish, you’ll be a master donut maker! Each donut has its own flavorful personality: a chocolate kitty, cookies & cream panda, a blueberry narwhal, a cinnamon chicken, a strawberry bunny, and a pineapple parrot. Display them in the donut box to keep them fresh!

    Comes with: 66 pre-cut felt pieces in 11 colors, pre-cut felt cheeks, pre-cut felt eyes, stuffing, embroidery floss in 8 colours, 2 needles, fuzzy yarn, donut box.

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