Klutz: Pom Pom Backpack Clips


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    Publish Date:20190901

    Adorable fluffy goodness you can take on the go!

    Make 6 keychains that will pom-ify your backpack, jacket, or anything else you can clip them to. Choose from 9 designs like a fluffly unicorn or glitter monogram, and then learn basic sewing skills as you transform the deluxe, extra-large pom-poms into trendy accessories. Make each keychain yours by adding glitter foam pieces, smaller pom-poms, or making your own tassels!

    Comes with:1 faux-fur pom-pom, 5 giant pom-poms, 2 medium pom-poms, 6 mini pom-poms, 6 metal clips, sewing needle, embroidery floss, glitter foam sheet, glue, 2 paper pattern sheets, 23 pre-cut felt pieces in 4 colours

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