Klutz JR : Amis marins à modeler


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    Publish Date:20171001

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    Conçu pour les mains des plus jeunes, cet ensemble d’activités permet de créer 10 adorables créatures marines en quelques étapes simples.

    Contient : 6 paquets d’argile séchant à l’air, des yeux en plastique, un outil de modelage et 49 formes prédécoupées.

    Made especially for little hands learning fine motor skills, this book and craft kit is ready for kids to dive right in and make 10 adorable ocean critters. With 6 colours of air-dry clay, a special shaping tool, and colourful pre-cut and custom pieces, kids can follow simple step-by-step instructions to create their own underwater adventures.

    Comes with: 6 colours of air-dry clay, 8 plastic eyes, custom texture tool, and 49 pre-cut shapes.

    Original title: Klutz Jr: My Clay Critters

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