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    Publish Date:20140301

    Transform fluffy fuzz into cute critters!

    Needle felting seems a lot more like magic than a craft. Imagine a cloud of soft wool fluff. Now imagine poking that fluff for a while with a special needle as, little by little, it turns into a sturdy, durable, adorable little animal. That’s magic . . . warm, fuzzy magic.

    With Felted Friends, young crafters can experience the magic of needle felting for themselves. Our exclusive needle-felting tool is designed specifically for newbies (ten and up). With each poke, the tool’s three special needles tangle the strands of wool, making it dense and compact. Our detailed directions take readers step-by-step through the felting process. With these basic techniques, sculpting wool is simple.

    The 56-page book contains beautifully illustrated instructions for making palm-sized pets — a cat, squirrel, rabbit, hedgehog, fox, and mouse. It comes complete with the felting tool, a foam block work surface, and 100% natural wool roving in six different colors. Not to mention a healthy helping of warm fuzzies.

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