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Dory Fantasmagory: Outside the Box


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    1 – 9780147510679 Paperback

    1 – 9780147510686 Dory Fantasmagory: The Real True Friend, Paperback

    1 – 9781101994276 Dory Fantasmagory: Dory Dory Black Sheep, Paperback

    1 – 9780735230477 Dory Fantasmagory: Head in the Clouds, Paperback

    Discover Dory’s first four adventures in this box set of the beloved chapter book series.

    Dory is a little rascal with a BIG personality—and an imagination to match! As the youngest in her family, Dory really wants attention, and more than anything she wants someone to play with. But she’s too much of a baby for her big brother and sister, so she’s left to her own devices—and soon enough, Dory is busy with friends both real and imaginary. This box set contains the first four books in this enormously popular chapter book series:

    Dory Fantasmagory

    The Real True Friend

    Dory Dory Black Sheep

    Head in the Clouds

    With plenty of pictures bursting with charm and character, this hilarious series about an irresistible kid is the new must-read for the chapter book set.


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