Story of the World, Vol. 4 Bundle, Revised Edition (Available March 23, 2021)


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Contributor:Susan Wise Bauer
Publish Date:March 23, 2021
Ages: 14+
Number of Pages:1328

Spend an entire year investigating the fascinating story of the modern world, from the American Civil War through the end of the twentieth century–from Europe and the Middle East through India, China, the Arabian Peninsula, Australia, and both North and South America!

This bundle offers the essentials that parents and instructors need for a full year of history, geography, and literature study.

The Revised Edition paperback text provides the full, engaging narrative of world history, covering the century and a half from the end of the Civil War through the end of the twentieth century.

The Revised Edition Activity Book contains 42 geography activities as well as extensive nonfiction and fiction reading lists, activities, projects, and much more.

The Test Book & Answer Key offers a simple, clear way to measure student comprehension. Together, these three books provide a quality year of social studies and language arts for students in grades 4-8.