Singapore Math Intensive Practice 3A


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Singapore Math Inc.

Singapore Math® Intensive Practice U.S. Edition (previously known as Primary Mathematics Intensive Practice) is a series of 12 books written to provide challenging supplementary material for primary level mathematics. Special Features: Topical Review: Questions of varying levels of difficulty and type. Mid-Year or End-of-Year Review: Provide students with practice and reinforcement. Take the Challenge!: Deepens students’ mathematical concepts. More Challenging Problems: Stimulate students’ interest through challenging and thought-provoking problems. This series is a valuable supplementary resource for teachers, parents and tutors. Singapore Math® Intensive Practice is published by Singapore Math Inc.® Above is extracted from the preface of Singapore Math® Intensive Practice U.S. Edition. Answers are in the back of each book. Singapore Math® Intensive Practice is ideal for both classroom and home use as a challenging supplementary math material for primary level students. It is recommended for capable students as a source of interesting review and challenging questions. Answers are provided at the back of the books.