ScienceSmart Experiments Grade 4-6


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Curriculum-based ScienceSmart Experiments Grades 4 5 6 is a book covering more than 200 level-appropriate experiments and cool science facts to help Grades 4 to 6 children consolidate and master what they have learned at school. The topics covered include ?Pulleys and Gears?, ?Properties of and Changes in Matter?, ?Flight?, and more.Most of the hands-on experiments require common everyday objects that can be done by children at home. With the clear instructions and guidelines, children can experience different science concepts by working through the fascinating experiments. The ?Cool Science Facts?, ?Scientists at Work?, and ?I Love Canada? sections provide fun facts and interesting elements to allow children to explore science concepts through Canadian contexts. Online support is available to provide more cool science facts and trivia to further stimulate children?s interest in learning and exploring science.