Science You Can Eat


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20 Activities that Put Food Under the Microscope

Discover the incredible, edible science that happens every time you cook, bake, or eat with this children’s book that is part-cookbook, part-science reference.

This exciting kids’ book tackles all the tasty science questions you have about food – plus plenty more that you hadn’t even thought of! Science You Can Eat will transform your kitchen into an awesome lab through 20 fun food experiments.

This quest of gastronomic wonder is so much more than just another science book for kids! It explores the science of food by asking questions you’re hungry to know the answers to and putting them to the test through fun experiments.

Cooking is just delicious chemistry, and the science experiments in this adorable kids cookbook will prove it. Once you understand science, you understand food. Find out why popcorn goes “pop” as you test it out for yourself. Explore how taste is affected by smell, know if carrots really can turn you orange, and finally discover whether eating insects is the future of food.

There is a fantastic mix of fun facts and knowledge, context, and science experiments for kids in this educational book. The experiments are easy to execute at home with things you have around the kitchen. The instructions are detailed but easy to understand, so some kids could even adventure solo through its pages.

Enjoy the delightful weirdness of tricking your taste buds, making slime taste delicious, investigating some of the strangest flavors around, and extracting iron from your cereal!

Science You Can Eat helps your little one understand what’s happening with their food and why. Each page is guaranteed to leave you hungry for more – we’d wager even adults will learn a thing or two from this culinary escapade.

Explore, Experiment, And Learn!

Explore the world of weird, mind-blowing, and often gloriously revolting (but tasty) science behind the food we eat; from why onions make us cry to the sticky science of chewing gum.

Packed with activities for kids that allow you to use the power of science in the most delicious way. You’ll concoct color-changing potions, make scrumptious ice-cream in an instant, and much, much more.

Embark on this incredible edible adventure with TV presenter Stefan Gates AKA “The Gastronaut” and turn the things we eat from the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Some of food fueled science you’ll learn about:

– Unusual foods
– The world’s smelliest fruit
– Salt and other marvelous minerals
– Ways of cooking
– Drinks that glow and so much more!