Rainbow Magic Special Edition: Carly the School Fairy


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SKU: 9780545455725


    Contributor: Daisy Meadows
    Number of Pages: 176
    Age: 7-10 years

    Come to class with Rachel, Kirsty, and all the fairies!

    School is in session!

    Best friends Rachel Walker and Kirsty Tate are about to go head-to-head. Their schools are competing against each other in a big competition! There’s going to be a spelling bee and a science fair, followed by a dance party for all the students.

    But Carly the School Fairy swoops in on high alert-Jack Frost has taken her magic items and is up to no good. Rachel and Kirsty have to put their heads together and save the competition!

    Find the magic objects in all three stories inside this Rainbow Magic Special Edition and help save the school magic!