Peppa Pig : Apprendre à partager


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George et Richard Lapin apprennent à partager dans cette charmante aventure de la série Peppa Pig. George a un dinosaure, et Richard Lapin aussi! Mais un jour, au terrain de jeu, les deux amis refusent de partager leurs jouets. Est-ce que Peppa et Rebecca Lapin réussiront à aider leurs petits frères à s’amuser en parfaite harmonie?

George and Richard Rabbit learn how to share their toys in this story with a sheet of stickers. Based on the hit TV show, as seen on Nick Jr. George has a toy dinosaur, and so does Richard Rabbit! But one day at the playground, they do not want to share their toys. Can Peppa Pig and Rebecca Rabbit help their little brothers learn to play together nicely?

Original title: Peppa Pig: Learning to Share