More Beginning Readers


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    A companion set to the bestselling <i>Bob Books Beginning Readers</i> set, featuring the classic Bob Books characters and some new ones, too!<p></p>This set is perfect for children who have read <i>Bob Books Beginning Readers</i> and need more practice before moving on.• Twelve humorous stories feature the beloved classic Bob Books characters and introduce some new friends, too!• Short vowels and three-letter words in simple sentences make <i>Bob Books More Beginning Readers</i> a fun confidence builder.• Katie Kath’s simple but silly illustrations add a tickle to the words, keeping kids smiling as they read.Inside the box you’ll find:• 12 easy-to-read, humorous books, 12 pages each• A parent card with tips for helping your child learn to readYour child will soon be joining the millions of happy kids who say, <b>”I read the whole book!”</b>