Minnie Mouse: Big Dreams (Disney Original Graphic Novel) (Media tie-in)


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Minnie Mouse loves to dream big! This delightfully adorable original graphic novel is perfect for young readers and Disney fans.

When Minnie has a dream, nothing can stop her. Even her first day of school. All she has to do is dream, work hard, and it’ll come true … if she can ever get her head out of the clouds!

Minnie is a new kid at school. As any new kid knows, it’s not easy! Especially for a little mouse who can’t stop imagining the silly, spooky, and spectacular things happening all around her around her. Thankfully, she meets a new friend named Daisy, and the rest is . . . almost history. Of course, there’s some bumps along the way.

This new graphic novel features all your favorite Disney characters, like Minnie, Mickey, Daisy, Goofy, Donald, Pete, and a lot more. See just where Minnie’s dreams take her in this graphic novel!