Le castor qui travaillait trop fort (Busy Beaver)


Available to order - About 2 weeks for pickup


    From the creator of Big Bear Hug (L’ours qui aimait les arbres) and Making the Moose Out of Life (L’orignal qui avait la frousse) comes a new story, featuring the lovable cast of characters including Moose and Bear.

    In this beguiling story, Beaver, like most beavers is so busy that he often doesn’t think things through.

    This careless beaver has made a mess of the forest ― half-chewed trees litter the landscape, animals who’ve suffered because of his inattention to safety limp along, and his own dam leaks. It isn’t until Beaver has a tree-felling accident (his own doing, not surprisingly) that he realizes the damage he’s caused, and he eagerly “beavers” away to set things right.


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