Goosebumps Retro Scream Collection (Box Set)


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    <p><strong>Five your favourite retro titles from the Goosebumps series come together in this cool collector tin! </strong></p>

    <p>This box set includes:</p>

    <p><em>Goosebumps #01: Welcome to Dead House </em></p>

    <p><em>Goosebumps #04: Say Cheese and Die! </em></p>

    <p><em>Goosebumps #07: Night of the Living Dummy </em></p>

    <p><em>Goosebumps #11: Haunted Mask </em></p>

    <p><em>Goosebumps #16: One Day at Horrorland at Horrorland </em></p>