Dinosaurs: A Visual Encyclopedia, 2nd Edition – Visual Encyclopedia


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Grade 9 – 12

Be brave as you meet the most incredible creatures to ever walk the Earth in this top-selling book.

The ultimate visual encyclopedia introduces a huge variety of record-breaking dinosaurs in mind-blowing detail.

Dinosaurs: A Visual Encyclopedia charts the entire history of life on our planet, from the very first life forms through the range of prehistoric creatures and the diverse species of the Ice Ages. This curious mixture of the weird and wonderful is shown in stunning expert-verified reconstructed images alongside fascinating fact files and additional information about habitat, diet, and behaviour. You might already be able to tell your Tyrannosaurus Rex from Triceratops, but have you ever seen horse-eating birds and millipedes the size of crocodiles? Then look no further.

Other topics such as evolution, fossilization, and climate change are explored in-depth to build up a complete picture of the dinosaur era.

Dinosaur fans and fossil hunters, what are you waiting for?





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