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Amazing Answers to the Questions You Ask

Answering any question a child could ever have with over 500 images & illustrations, Did You Know? is a first reference book for school children.

Inquisitive young minds tend to have a never-ending curiosity about the world around them. This book focuses on what they really want to know about nature, science, history, and more, putting things in easy to understand question and answer format.

There’s so much more to know that you ever thought possible. Bursting at the seams, this 160-page children’s reference book is packed with eye-catching 3-D digital illustrations, photographs, diagrams and more to answer your every question. Questions like “Why does it rain?”, “Which animals have houses?”, “What was a gladiator?” are all answered with clear an engaging text for kids to learn on their own!

Did You Know? covers a wide array of topics about the natural world, what happened down the ages, and what’s going on In space. Learn all about the “how, when, where, and whys”. Their favorite subjects are all here – from dinosaurs and ancient civilizations to geographical knowledge on weather, rocks, and minerals. Open young minds to the wonder of the world around them and sharpen their knowledge through fun quizzes and facts. Soon they will be the ones asking others, “Did you know?”

Find The Answers To Those Burning Questions

This book teaches you about a wide selection of Interesting facts broken down by subject and put in accessible terms that are ideal for elementary school children ages 6-8. Each page is packed with wonderful thought-provoking images and attempts to answer those thoughts through the facts on the very same page.

Did You Know? encourages your young reader to find out more on their own. The easy-to-digest chunks of Information and quick quizzes fuel their thirst for knowledge and more information.

In this book, you will learn about:
– The Earth, Space and the nearest Planets
– The living world and its inhabitants
– History, from dinosaurs to mankind’s greatest achievements
– Science and technology
– The human body & more

Did You Know? Amazing Answers To The Questions You Ask is part of the educational series Did You Know? Encyclopedias. Complete the collection and learn more about the world around you and the questions you ask, science, and space.