Dear Dumb Diary Year Two (Box Set)


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    <b>Do NOT read Jamie Kelly’s top-secret diaries in this brand-new Year Two boxed set!</b><p>Dear Dumb Diary is a hilarious hit! Now after twelve books (each covering a month of her life), Jamie Kelly’s upcoming diaries have a fresh look and a fun twist. It’s Dear Dumb Diary: Year Two! The diary entries are still laugh-out-loud funny—but this is a whole new beginning. Everything is another year dumber! <p>Join Jamie as she grapples with school, grades, and more of middle school’s Big Questions in <i>#1: School. Hasn’t This Gone on Long Enough?</i> and <i>#2: The Super- Nice are Super-Annoying</i>. Then you and your friends can write about your own laughs, rage, and stinky, stinky pets in <i>Our Dumb Diary: A Journal to Share</i>.<p> (But Jamie STILL has no idea that anybody is reading her diary. So please, please, please don’t tell her.)