Big Nate: In Your Face! – Big Nate 24


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    Number of Pages: 176
    Published Date: 20210302

    Soon to be an animated series from Nickelodeon!
    Like a sudden soccer ball to the gut, this thrilling installment in the enormously popular Big Nate series will take your breath away!

    When you’re a sixth-grade dynamo like Nate Wright, life comes at you fast. Whether it’s a soccer ball to the head or another teacher tirade, surprises lurk around every corner. In this Big Nate collection, Nate’s friends issue the ultimate insult: they point out all the ways he resembles his arch-nemesis, Gina. Nate also scores a new job as an intern at Klassic Komix, and his master plan to carpet-bomb the school with Valentine’s Day cards goes seriously sideways. And when Nate gets dragged into a cringe-worthy party for the dreaded Mrs. Godfrey, what could possibly go wrong?

    With laughs, adventures, and jokes galore, In Your Face! will make your head spin.